Even this anime for kids has a better ending...

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It's funny too see the similarities between the two: the most obvious is of course the Reapers/D-Reapers that serve nearly the same function in both (though in Tamers they don't "preserve" the organics but can take their form sometimes); a "catalyst" in some form; enemies called Sovereign (though in Tamers they are not part of the D-Reapers); the digital/synthethic vs organic themes; and one can even say that the biomerge is kinda like the fusion of the organics DNA with the synthetics.

Yeah, we can clearly see where Bioware took inspiration from.
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The only Digimon move I ever saw was the 1st one. And I never even watched the series. That was a good movie.
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Never saw the first movie, but I saw the first series and tamers when I was a kid. Good times!