Are there any characters in your collection that you haven't tried yet?

#21Rannek17Posted 2/18/2013 3:24:11 PM
Most of the humans(obvious reasons), the ghost(there's enough of these dorks on MP already), phoenix adept
#22Rogue MuttPosted 2/18/2013 3:50:28 PM
I haven't used 3 our of the 4 Volus, only ever tried the Engineer. And I don't think I've tried the Quarian Marksman Soldier yet.

Played everybody else at least once.
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#23Spartan070Posted 2/18/2013 4:00:42 PM
Human Sentinal, Volus Protector
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#24TheFeshPincePosted 2/18/2013 4:41:11 PM
Havoc49J posted...
Other than 2 waves with the Krogan Vanguard, I've never played as a Krogan.

Seriously? Krogan are some of my favorite characters.
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#25maturin1919Posted 2/18/2013 4:44:01 PM
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#26bessy67Posted 2/18/2013 4:44:26 PM
I've just started using krogan more extensively going for a banner and the krogan soldier in particular is pretty awesome.
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#27Spider5800Posted 2/18/2013 5:35:59 PM
Batarian Slasher.

Eh, I'll get to it eventually.
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#28Orange_ApplesPosted 2/18/2013 5:54:33 PM
I use them when I unlock them.

there are some I haven't used in a while...

Krogan Shaman comes to mind...
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#29JetblackmoonPosted 2/18/2013 6:21:08 PM
Don't think I've ever played Human Soldier (apart from demo), Turian Saboteur or N7 Slayer. Played Batarian Slasher and Krogan Sentinel for the first time last night.
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#30JamalVonPosted 2/18/2013 6:42:25 PM
Batarian adept
Quarian marksman
Kerrigan soldier
Turian soldier
Vorcha engineer
Turian engineer
Quarian male engineer
Human sentinel
Krogan sentinel
Volus sentinel
Human infiltrator
Quarian male infiltrator
Turian infiltrator
Drell infiltrator
Drell vanguard
Volus vanguard
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