Which squadmates should I pair with an engineer Shepard?

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3 years ago#1
I'm just getting around to playing this game now and I am importing my ME2 Engineer Shephard over....which squad mates would be the best to pair him up with?
3 years ago#2
EDI, once you get sabotage up to tech vulnerability. Then you can bring liara or garrus as the second. You can detonate fire explosions with warp or proxy mine, both of which have debuffs. Garrus also lets you alternate combos with overload.
3 years ago#3
I would probably go with a tank and another tech user to combo with, or just 2 tech users for lots of combos. Vega as tank, and EDI, Tali, Garrus or Kaidan all work for tech.
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3 years ago#4
I used James for tanking, nades, and carnage. I take Liara for Cerberus b/c of her biotics. Her recharge for singularity is quick enough that she can set off explosions on her own. Kaiden is good for Reapers because of his bulk with Reave and Barrier, and can set off my tech bursts too.
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3 years ago#5
Kaidan/Liara was my best Engineer squad - you get pretty consistent biotic and tech explosions through all of the powers combined. James and EDI are also a pretty great squad if you want to focus on fire explosions.
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3 years ago#6
I took Kaidan and Tali (feel free to swap for EDI or Liara if you don't have Kaidan). Tech explosions for all, and no fewer than 2 of the 4 drones/turrets on the field at any given moment. Plus, you've got straight up firepower with 2 shotgun buddies (arguably, Kaidan's better off with an AR, but...).
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3 years ago#7
I've always normally used Shepard with Garrus and one of the Krogans. I dont know if using James as the tank would be as cool/the same as Wrex and Grunt. Using EDI seems like it would be fun I'm torn between:



Shep/Kaiden/Garrus...These guys have been around from the beginning hmm
3 years ago#8
Tanks are pointless-- EDI & Kaidan would be the best squad. Liara or Javik would fit if you don't have Kaidan.
3 years ago#9
Which powers and abilities should I take? Are combat drone and sentry both worth taking?
3 years ago#10
It would appear as if I can't have both the sentry turret and combat drone out at once. The drone explodes when I throw the sentry out. I'm still at a stand still on which route I want to take for powers with Kaidan and EDI too. I'm finding this much more confusing than ME 2
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