Your favorite MP kit?

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3 years ago#1
After all this time I'm still partial to the Salarian Infiltrator.

Who tops your list?
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3 years ago#2
Salarian Infiltrator forever
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3 years ago#3
I'm partial to Asari and if I had to pick just one it would probably be the valkyrie. But I also really enjoy the huntress and both adepts. Not a huge fan of the vanguard though.
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3 years ago#4
Human Soldier
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3 years ago#5
Drell Adept. He's that one kit that I'll pick if I'm just looking to have some fun.

Drell Assassin, both Asari Adepts, and Salarian Infiltrator are all close seconds.
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3 years ago#6
any krogan
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3 years ago#7
Believe it or not, I'm JUST getting into the Salarians, and I love them. But, all time has to be the Justicar. The other kits seem like they have to be specced one or two ways to be viable.
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3 years ago#8
Paladin if I want to guarantee success. Fury for CC explosion fun.
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3 years ago#9
Melee Asari Huntress master race.
3 years ago#10
Probably the Justicar. Close behind would be Paladin, Batarian Soldier/Slasher/Brawler and the Fury. The Fury mostly just cause I love teleporting around.
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