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With the new dlc I have more motivation to get back into the mp. None of my friends play this game and I'm sick of pug. Iv had the game since launch but mainly play silver/bronze, hit 20 then promote. My n7 lvl is around 1600 I thinks? So I know what I'm doing. Just don't have a lot of exp with gold and none on plat. I gotta mic and play often.

Gt. Knowledge1O1

Why promote right when you get to Level 20? If you still have characters left to get, just save up a bunch of credits while getting your characters to Level 20, then right when they get there promote all of them and then buy your packs.

Cuz I only play bronze and silver by the time I get 99k credits the buying of the pack is the motavation for playing for that damn long. Now that I'll add all of you who responded I'm hopeing that will change.

You did decent in the platinum games we played. I'd say you should be playing mostly gold. With the occasional silver game to test a build.
In case you can't tell, I was being sarcastic.
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