Nightshade Blades final evolution

#1BiggyDXPosted 3/1/2013 8:37:39 PM
Which do you guys prefer more (barring those who don't take it)?

I'm thinking of going with Exploding Blades because of the stagger effect and the 400 damage of an area. But how large exactly is the explosive radius? 1.5 meters perhaps?
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#2sheepman23Posted 3/1/2013 9:55:37 PM
I went for Exploding Blades, although I might try the other evolution the next time I respec her. They need more DOT in my opinion.
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#3infinitexxPosted 3/1/2013 9:56:10 PM
It's not often that something will explode and hit an enemy that wasn't also hit by the Nightshade Blades themselves (and thus will explode on their own).

Best to just ignore the radius, what it gives you is range-independent damage, and stagger. Better than optiing for the straight damage increase imo.
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