Are the DLC weapon packs

#1GT_Sooty_ChopPosted 3/16/2013 2:40:06 PM
for single player worth it? or are the stock weapons good enough?

My saves are an Infiltrator, a Sentinal and an Adept.

I have some MS points left and i was just thinking i may buy them both, if they are worth it.
If that's what it is, then that's what it is.
#2ZERO2936Posted 3/16/2013 2:44:10 PM
Depends on whether you're planning to replay the game a lot. If so, definitely.
#3kou urakePosted 3/16/2013 2:50:40 PM(edited)
The weapons are a ton of fun, if a bit overpowered. Recommended, provided you already have all the story DLC.
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