I still don't get why the Reapers didn't just head right for the Citadel.

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UnfairRepresent posted...
I do like Green's idea but one thing I don't like about it and ME2/3 in general is how important Shepard becomes and how the plot revolves around him.

Making Shepard the only one who can move around the universe makes an entire expanded universe and lore of characters and places and history completely pointless

You have alot of great points, and this one is especially pertinent in ME3. The fetch quests brought the game from a 9.5/10 to an 8.5/10 for me. They are annoying and completely nonsensical. Like you personally would be searching planets for small artifacts for individuals on the Citadel.

You should have had more resources at your disposal - and I strongly think that certain missions should have had separate teams - expecting Shepard to be everywhere and do everything was something I could not suspend my belief for.
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