Important decisions from 2 to have when playing 3?

#1BlitzBallerJGPosted 3/19/2013 9:04:02 AM
I've posted this before but I want to make sure that I cover all my bases now that I am closer to actually playing 3.

Can someone direct me to or reply with the important events and combinations of them from 1 and 2 that are significant in 3 to the point that they are worth playing through with (having end game saves with those choices)?
#2Jabroni2000Posted 3/19/2013 9:07:58 AM
Most important is who survives the suicide mission. Their presence or not presence in ME3 affects a lot of the side missions.

Whether to keep or destroy the genophage data in Maelon's side mission is important.

I think what you decide to do with the Geth (in Legion's side mission) and the Quarians (in Tali's) also plays into ME3 a bit.

Whether to keep or destroy the collector base also comes up.
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#3edgecrusher02Posted 3/19/2013 9:09:50 AM
the more people that survive, the more you will run into in ME3.

from ME2, the most important decisions are whether or not you kept maleons data from mordins loyalty mission. whether or not you have tali and a certain other character you may or may not have run into yet depending on how far you are in ME2, and also what you did on both of those characters loyalty missions.

the other stuff either doesnt really affect anything major or only affects a war asset number in ME3.
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#4Orange_ApplesPosted 3/19/2013 9:11:10 AM
In legion's loyalty mission destroy heretics.
In Mordin's loyalty mission save Maelon's data.

Outside of those make sure everyone is loyal and try to save everyone.
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#5LordTrinenPosted 3/19/2013 9:33:57 AM
-Wrex's survival

-Getting everyone to survive the suicide mission
-Preserving/Destroying the genophage cure data during Mordin's loyalty mission
-Preventing Tali from being exiled during her loyalty mission
-Destroy/Rewrite the heretics during Legion's loyalty mission
-The fight between Tali and Legion after their loyalty missions are complete

There are other big decisions that have impact on ME3 such as saving/not saving the Council or releasing/killing the Rachni Queen but they take a backseat in comparison to what I've listed above. They have the most noticeable and critical impact on the story.
#6Urdnot_RuntPosted 3/19/2013 10:43:44 AM
"Many choices lie ahead, none of them matter."
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#7sir_fredingtonPosted 3/19/2013 10:51:43 AM
I would say...

- save wrex
- save rachni queen
- save council
- appointment udina

- make sure everyone is loyal and survives the suicide mission
- save Maelon's data
- destroy geth heretics
- clear tali of treason without revealing what her father was doing
- do LotSB dlc
- do arrival dlc
#8garanPosted 3/19/2013 2:35:43 PM
There are really only about 5 things that change much in 3:

ME1-- who lives or dies on Virmire (Wrex, Kirrahe, Kaiden/Ashley)
ME2-- who survives the Suicide Mission
whether you keep the Genophage data
whether you destroy the Geth heretics
Both games: who your love interest is

Everything else just changes dialogue or war assets, which overall is not really a big deal. Doing the LotSB DLC is recommended because it gets you a piece of Intel for free at the beginning of the game-- +5% Shields or Ammo Capacity.
#9BlitzBallerJG(Topic Creator)Posted 3/21/2013 10:08:02 AM
Is there any easy way, or what is the best way to see what choices I have on each playthrough? Is it loading each end-game and checking the mission log?
#10LordTrinenPosted 3/21/2013 11:09:13 AM
BlitzBallerJG posted...
Is there any easy way, or what is the best way to see what choices I have on each playthrough? Is it loading each end-game and checking the mission log?

When you upload a save into ME2 there will be a screen that tells you what some of your major decisions were like Wrex, the Virmire survivor and the Council. ME3 has a similar screen. I'm not sure if they'll tell you everything you want to know but they should give you the highlights.