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3 years ago#1
Hey wassup peeps I need a decent build for my geth juggernaut for gold matches any tips?
GT: Mastah Kenzo
3 years ago#2
I use a fully defensive build:

I play platinum with it any pretty much never die.

If you want more offense, then go with:

This build still has great survivability and you get weapons damage/stability/ammo.
GT: F3rocious Panda
3 years ago#3
Thanks warriors these builds might help me out in gold matches.
GT: Mastah Kenzo
3 years ago#4
i skipped Hex Shield this time around and went with a lighter gun to fire off Siege Pulse more often
Gamer Tag : CrusnikCain
3 years ago#5
I think I clicked the wrong thing. On the second build I gave you instead of taking siege pulse to 5 take geth turret to 5.
GT: F3rocious Panda
3 years ago#6
Here is the build I used to solo platinum (build is at the end):

if you dont have the PPR, I recommend the Reegar

I hear you can do a good power damage build with this guy but havent tried one yet.

I wouldnt build him without his passive tree, you will lose out on too much DPS bonuses, part of defense is being able to kill things in a timely manner. You really dont need hex shield, and you dont need rank 6 in turret because you can just recast it when you need shields, and flamethrower evo isnt very helpful.
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