I think I understand why everyone goes FemShep with Liara romances now...

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TBH, we have no idea what the asari truly look like.
I'm pretty sure the Crucible was supposed to harness the dark energy of Haestrom to destroy the Reapers
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too bad the races of mass effect aren't real...or are they??? One of the lead writers has been visited by a UFO and been told the grand story of our galaxy and how it works...wait, oh crap! We will have to deal with the reapers for real!
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MasterVash posted...
From: Samaellives91 | #006
Asari might not actually look like that. In ME2 there is that 'stag party' on Illium with the Salarian, human and Turian in the club, and the Salarian mentions that the Asari dancer looks like a blue Salarian, whereas the Turian saya she looks like a blue turian. They then theorize that the dancer is somehow manipulating their mind to make them look more appealing. Forgive the bad grammar and spelling, I'm using a tablet and can't be a***** to change it.

I think that more refers to how the three races see similarities to their own. They all see what they want to see. Like looking up at a cloud and seeing your favorite animal, but your friend sees his favorite animal instead.

Or something.

The whole illusion thing would be cool too though, with each race's brain reacting to an Asari's presence differently.

This went around a while ago and the thing I remember posting was what if they looked like the Thermians from Galaxy Quest and used image generators.

That would be funny.

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