Caban Vanguard Gold/Platinum Build Tips

#1ultra_kawaiiPosted 3/29/2013 12:20:34 PM
Does anyone have any tips on a gold/platinum build for a Cabal Vanguard? She seems to be the worst kit in the game. Her melee is so weak and her powers barely do anything.

My current build (I wanted a melee build with a 200% cooldown bonus and high health):

Poison Strike (5) = Range, Recharge Speed
Nightshade Blades (6) = Damage, Poison Duration, Enhanced Blades
Biotic Focus (6) = Damage Taken, Melee Damage Bonus, Biotic Shield
Turian Veteran (3)
Venom Gauntlets (6) = Melee Damage, Shield Recharge, Fitness Expert

Weapon = Hurricane SMG lvl 1 (Ultralight Materials lvl 2/Magazine Upgrade lvl 1)

Equipment = Hydraulic Joints lvl 2
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Initially read that as Cuban Vanguard.

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Brucebee posted...
Initially read that as Cuban Vanguard.


Oh sorry, I meant "Cabal" :)
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While I can't speak for Gold, I've found her to be great, actually. I came close to accidentally soloing U/U/S (I've extracted on Gold once, so that's an achievement for me) as her if it wasn't for one moron who joined on wave 4 and left on the next wave. It was Hazard White Collectors, if you were wondering.

My build is 3/6/6/6/5.

Poison Strike is there because.

Nightshade Blades is great. Went Capacity/Range/Explosive Blades.

Biotic Focus exists to be spammed whenever it's off cooldown. Movement Speed, Duration, Biotic Shield.

Turian Vet: Damage and Capacity, Power Damage, Damage and Stability.

Fitness is durability.

Weapon is Hurricane w/ Heavy Barrel and Heatsink.

Hope this helps a bit. If you're set on a melee build, then this post is useless, but I've come to love the Cabal.
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This topic helped me out with how to play her. I went from hating her to merely neutral.
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Thanks for the replies :)