If there were NO SAME SEX in the game

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PoopMasterGoetz posted...
Male Shepard is extremely boring. I'm a gay male and I always play FemShep. And so far I'm finding Liara to be her best fit.

He sounds boring because they let him sound boring, the voice director never ever told Meer to sound diffrent, its not Meer, its the director.
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Yeah, FemShep is rad. And it's a different experience than playing DudeShep over and over again. Besides, I had no intentions of making my FemShep a lesbian until I really got to know Traynor in my DudeShep playthrough. Then I was like, "Well, my FemShep romanced Thane in ME2, so I might as well go for the adorable comm specialist in ME3."

Although I also have playthroughs with a DudeShep who romanced Jack, a DudeShep who romanced Tali, and a FemShep who romanced Garrus. All different classes, of course. Makes the game more fun...
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I doubt anyone over 10 who picks femshep gives a rats' ass about if shep's a male or female. Older than 12, they probably jus enjoy seeing a strong female charater completely kick the sh!t out of the galaxy/

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I've played through all three games 4ish times, both as male and female sheps. Male sheps get better romances (femsheps got shafted with Jacob and Thane, plus they threw Kaidan to the males too, which was dumb.) But as a whole, I typically enjoyed playing as femshep more.
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I wanted to do a renegade femshep through all 3 games but in the first game it's like impossible to make her hot lol
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Vaoris_Klaw posted...
Completionist here, so yeah.


Actually, last time I played femshep I romanced Thane, since the scenes are so great and moving. Especially in Citadel DLC, with his memorial, then the final video messages, and then femshep cries for the first time in the series. ;(
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