I've scored over 200k in my last 4 Gold games, and not because I'm good...

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How do you get 200 000 points on Gold? I just got a little over that when I soloed Collectors. Do you keep murdering in objective waves or something, since no matter how not useful my teammates are I have never scored that much with a full team.

I'm guessing you didn't solo under unknoqwn/unknown

That is true. This would explain it, if I am going to carry a team, I want to do it against something that my weapon and class will work well against on a map that supports my current combat range. I find unknown/unknown to be less interesting since I can't plan ahead and might just go for something boring that works on all ranges against all factions (Ghost with Harrier + Hurricane has no weakness)
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I'm stuck in a rut when it comes to teammates :(

I think I ran into you on glacier, you were an infiltrator? Hang in there lol, I pug 99% of the time and run into some really good players. Surprised at the over 200k though I rarely if ever score that high.
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