Multiplayer Tips: The Store

#21SRR CapdownPosted 4/7/2013 2:00:59 PM
I agree on buying Recruit and Vet packs until you max out all the Common and Uncommon stuff. Sure, there are some Gold weapons that are significantly better, but there's still some alright Uncommon guns that will suit your purpose for a while, especially as you'll unlock some vital weapon and gear mods in the process, these are more important in the short term for you.

They're also give you far more consumables too, which will allow you to build a healthy stockpile and keep you from running out. So by the time you have your Uncommon stuff maxed out, you'll have a decent amount of Gel and Rockets to keep you going when you start buying Premium Spectre Packs.

By the time you've maxed out all of your Uncommons, not only will you have that good amount of consumables, but you'll also have a much better grasp of the game and will be more comfortable playing Silvers consistently (as I assume you're playing Bronze more often than not) and may feel up to playing some Golds.
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