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3 years ago#1
I consider myself pretty good at this game and at least proficient with every class with one exception, the volus vanguard. I just can't figure out an effective way to play him. In my opinion, biotic charge and shield boost are the least synergistic possible combination of classes. Shield boost is a pure support power while biotic chage is a pure offense power and it seems that the olnly way I can have even moderate success with him is centering my playstyle around one of these powers at the expense of the other. Thus, I end up either using him an extremely fragile and gimped vanguard or as a defensive/support class which essentially makes him a gimped volus adept and really boring to play. However, it seems there a people that can use him very effectively, what's your secret? In PUG's I rarely encounter others using him and generally, they fare worse than I would have done.
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3 years ago#2
6/6/6/4/4 or 6/6/6/5/3 build

Use Incendiary Ammo and equip either a Piranha, Wraith or something like the Hurricane that fires quickly and can apply the ammo power quickly.

Shoot>Charge>Heavy Melee>Shoot>Dodge>Cloak>Run>Shield Boost.

Just follows patterns like that. Use Orbs to detonate Fire Explosions from a distance and to debuff.
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3 years ago#3
Naf and I run the same build, and e both find it fun and effective.

Always take the 6a rank in charge. This turns the Volguard into the Pinball Wizard. Stick a Talon on him with the power magnifier, spec him for full power damage (and take the last evolution for wep dam), skip shield boost entirely, and spec orbs for recharge and #.

The whole point of this build is to keep charging until dead. Sometimes you're lucky- once killed a Brute solo by charging it ten times straight. When the chain cool down screws up though, go into panic mode and start firing you're talon, or launch a heavy melee to stagger. I use cryo ammo, as my charge has usually broken the mooks shield and the freeze effect will save you more often then you think.

Alot of people find it odd to skip SB, bu its only going to interfere with your cool down chain on the charge. You are squishy- if you aren't charging, you're dead!
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3 years ago#4
I skip shield boost on him and build for weapon damage in his passives and biotic charge. After a charge you get 47.5% increased shotgun damage for 5 secs if I remember correctly and it works pretty well for me. This is on gold though I havent used him on platinum. I usually use the wraith x or eviscerator x with a pistol.
3 years ago#5
Biotic Charge gives the Volus Vanguard mobility that other Volus simply don't have. So, you can safely go and Shield Boost or use your cloak to revive someone across the map. Whether this is useful or not really varies based on the other classes you are playing with.

Otherwise, Volus Vanguard doesn't really have much going for it and odds are anyone using it would do better with another class.

You can basically make a slightly gimped Manguard where you are fragile and relying on your power spam to keep you alive or you can make a gimped Volus Adept. Both work, but other Vanguards can beat you on damage and other Volus can beat you on support if you take a one or the other approach with Biotic Charge and Shield Boost.
3 years ago#6
My build is slightly different than Time's, in that I skip rank 6 of the passive and put 3 in shield boost, mostly for emergencies and objective waves. I have a Talon X now, but once I get my Collector SMG up higher, I'll probably switch to that. Here's the exact specs I use:

Don't do a weapon damage build. That's really stupid. IDK why people keep recommending that. I saw it in a few other topics. The drell and batarian vanguards are way more suited for weapon damage builds
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3 years ago#7
Build for melee damage and give him the Batarian Gauntlet. Yes you could just do the same thing with the actual Batarian Vanguard, but that guy's not a Volus, now is he?
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3 years ago#8
Shigmiya64 posted...
Build for melee damage and give him the Batarian Gauntlet. Yes you could just do the same thing with the actual Batarian Vanguard, but that guy's not a Volus, now is he?

Dumb trend gimmick. Terrible in practice.
XBL:ArsenalofGlory | PSN: Nafzger
3 years ago#9
Thanks for the tips guys.
"He who laughs last, doesn't get the joke"
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