When is the best time to play the Leviathan and Citadel dlc....?

#1Gohan9221Posted 4/10/2013 12:02:58 PM
At what point in the game is it best to play leviathan and citadel ?
#220ME2cmpnvetPosted 4/10/2013 12:08:12 PM
Leviathan after Thessia
Citadel right before Kronos Station
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#3LordTrinenPosted 4/10/2013 12:09:55 PM
Leviathan = Always after Thessia.

Citadel = Two preferred methods. The first is do the entire thing right before Cronos Station. The second is to do the DLC's main mission right after Rannoch and do the party right before Cronos Station.
#4ZERO2936Posted 4/10/2013 12:24:52 PM
Leviathan: After Horizon, since it really doesn't make sense anywhere else.

Citadel: Do the main mission as early as you can, then split the hub content up throughout the game. You should save the party until after Horizon.