Theres nothing to boast about a solo platinum challenge. Instead, try n7 solo

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Enemy_AC130 posted...
Just do what the clones do.


It sucks that they can Nova without shields.

And continually shoot while cloaked, or constantly spam warp, or constantly spam incinerate, or combat and defense drones, or throw unlimited grenades, or set the arena on fire.
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YamatoBeats posted...
So it's safe to assume you've done both and are worthy of gauging the difficulty of both challenges?

Yeah yo
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I killed the clones on Insanity with my Infiltrator + Black Widow V.

Granted that was with squadmates and I didn't have any handicaps activated for them but I didn't find it that difficult (one clip would kill one clone with 3 headshots if I remember correctly).

I think I could do it but I won't try because I don't really want to haha
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