Think of your favorite game character.

#11MasterVashPosted 4/18/2013 5:32:05 AM
I'd love to go with Kefka, but I've no idea how any powers would correspond to him. There's no biotic elements, and as far as I know, no named biotic attack that can level cities.
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#12CoconutMayPosted 4/18/2013 5:54:07 AM
KOS-MOS: Sentinel (Many of her abilities are similar to biotics as well as techs) or Vanguard (Frequently engages in H2H with the stronger opponents during cutscenes)

Possible abilities:

Flare (To be her X-Buster)
Dark Sphere (To be her D-Tenerits, because it's stronger than Flare)
Throw (Just 'cause)
Annihilation Field (Hilbert effect?)
Repair Matrix
-Tech Armor (If Sentinel)
-Biotic Charge (If Vanguard)

Acrobatic Dodge
Strong and quick melee (Like the AIU's)
Armor and Barrier

Uhhhhh...I got nothing. She really is one of those characters without any weaknesses.
If I had to give her something, weak to Tech attacks? (Even though she's a robot, there are spoilers for why she wouldn't be affected by Sabotage which I can explain if anyone want to know)
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#13CoconutMayPosted 4/18/2013 6:30:03 AM
Also, since I've just started playing Borderlands 2, I'll make a MP build for the Mechromancer

Health: 500
Shields: 700

Dodge: Quarian/Geth hop
-Light: The Demolishers heavy, only with her left arm (Since that's the synthetic one)
-Heavy: Vorcha heavy because of her skill "With Claws"
Awakened Collector passive, so you can go power build or weapon build
Standard fitness

Deathtrap (like a combo of the Combat Drone and Geth Turret)
Anarchy (reduces accuracy to increase weapon, power and, melee damage as well as a small damage reduction)

6b of Anarchy: Discord. Activating Anarchy again while still under its effects instead activates Discord, which removes the accuracy penalty and grants an accuracy bonus, along with a greater boost to weapon and power damage at the cost of reduced melee damage and a small damage taken penalty
Have you seen my sisters? Last I saw them they were standing in a row. They are quite lovely.
#14Mortuss_ZeroPosted 4/18/2013 7:31:08 AM
Knuckles the Echidna
Biotic Charge, Nova, Bloodlust
Krogan Vanguard Rage, and Batarian Heavy Melee

Strengths - Very Durable, Deadly in CQC

Weaknesses - Little ranged capability

I'd play him.
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