Favorite squad mate tournament day 7

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User Info: leghostbuster

3 years ago#1
Grunt vs Mordin - Results (46 votes)
34.78% (16 votes)
65.22% (30 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Yesterday's winner: Javik
Tomorrow:Legion vs EDI
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User Info: KoroshiyaZero

3 years ago#2
Mordin isn't just the best squadmate, he's one of the best characters in the game. His character is well layered with a strong backstory and among the best character arcs in the series.

User Info: ZacTB

3 years ago#3
Grunt is a great character but not as developed as well as Mordin, and didn't have such an integral role in Mass Effect 3 (and 2 as well but he did have a pretty big role in that). It would have been fixed for Grunt if he was a squad mate in ME3, that was a missed opportunity. He had good content in Citadel DLC though and his 'sacrifice' was a great moment in the Rachni mission. I just don't feel like he is shown enough as other people so it weakens his character a bit, especially in vanilla Mass Effect 3.

User Info: 3PiesAndAFork

3 years ago#4
GAH! How did Thane lose? I know he was up against Javik, but still...
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User Info: Edgemaster97

3 years ago#5
I'm pretty damn disappointed that Thane didn't make it.

Oh well, it's not like a majority can tell me how much I'm allowed to like a character. Different strokes for different folks.
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