I am not worried on the Future - Too Many games currently !!!!

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Tbx66 posted...
I wish there was a petition to ban you. It's a little extreme, but you are annoying, provocative, disrespectful and condescending. I know that some people have been pretty hard on you, but what you write is nonsense. It's your own fault you always end up ******** and whining about people bulling you.

He is not provocative, that can be misconstrued as a good thing.
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I'll bet Mass Effect MP will not be on the next Xbox.
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Foreman22 posted...
I'll bet Mass Effect MP will not be on the next Xbox.

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I thought you were done posting?
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whatnow12012 posted...
Also I feel like I am burned out on it cause I have played it so much since 2005.

Mass Effect wasn't even out during 2005..
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MedicFromHell posted...

I read through the OP and I tried to decipher what was going on. Then I pretty much just went with your line of thought.