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What other primitive races exists besides the Space Cow? (Archived)
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Story DLC that cost money? (Archived)Patriarch10552/8 9:48PM
i hope for the next Mass Effect game they lower the sound of the Mass Relays. (Archived)grehik2482/8 7:33PM
Wow...this was new to me. Spoilers (Archived)
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The Prothean language, Letter frequency, and the letter V. (Archived)grehik2422/8 7:47AM
Is the reward for the 182 pull-up challenge a buffer character model? (Archived)grehik2492/8 7:30AM
N7 Fury Annihilation Field buggy ?? (Archived)
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Did the TGI+Harrier make multiplayer broken? (Archived)ManletMan92/7 7:29PM
Playing the DLC for the first time. (Archived)
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Multiplayer build advice? (Archived)
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Oh...... (Archived)
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I play Multiplayer out of necessity not because i want to. (Archived)grehik2452/7 12:55PM
Hypothetical poll: you can leave behind any crew member on Virmire (Poll)
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Anyone know how to delete my old Shepard imports? (Archived)Slayerslug42/6 2:32PM
Save transfer/editing (ME1&2 -> ME3) (Archived)ShytheSepthKang72/6 8:26AM