Most difficult Platinum faction.

#1YamatoBeatsPosted 5/3/2013 6:56:21 AM
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So with Collectors as obviously the most hated Gold faction, I'm curious at to what our community thinks is the worst Platinum faction.

Please only vote if you have sufficient Platinum experience, not what you "think" would be the worst. Same goes for all arguments.
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#2foxopPosted 5/3/2013 6:59:21 AM
Geth. So many stupid Primes. Geth Platinum has what I believe to be the hardest wave in the game. Wave 2 has 3 ****ing Primes!
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#3perfect_generalPosted 5/3/2013 7:06:25 AM
Geth now for me as well. Collectors actually seems to be easier after the first few waves since the additional factions dilutes the unit pool. Since there are four, rather than three factions that show up, that also means fewer primes and banshees.
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#4fennell92Posted 5/3/2013 7:17:44 AM
I actually like the collectors most on platinum. Dunno why.

Hate the geth though.
#5Mr_PipboyPosted 5/3/2013 7:28:38 AM
So much geth.
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#6terrysmay04Posted 5/3/2013 9:40:22 AM
Even when I'm playing against Collectors I'm more worried about the geth on the field.

Geth by a mile
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#7TimeShinigamiPosted 5/3/2013 9:42:31 AM
Posted it three times in the past two days, and here it is again:

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#8Cthe34TruthPosted 5/3/2013 11:32:25 AM
terrysmay04 posted...
Even when I'm playing against Collectors I'm more worried about the geth on the field.

Geth by a mile

This pretty much sums it up exactly =/
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#9deathscythe257Posted 5/3/2013 12:09:18 PM
Oh Give me a break! Geth? Really?

Geth can't even stand up to the might of the box of shame!

Collectors on the other hand, scoff at the box's might and kill you anyway...

Plus lets not forget you fight ALL 4 factions with collector platinum...
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#10SolidDroidPosted 5/3/2013 12:31:14 PM
Geth primes..
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