Every decision we make is meaningless, or are they? (Possible Spoilers)

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Carribean_Cool posted...
Look at Alpha Protocol. Now look at Mass Effect, which had a higher budget and no doubt a bigger team. Alpha Protocol is a shining example of choices making an actual difference, each effecting the ending and missions, and giving us multiple variations of them. Alpha Protocol is the game that doesn't have your typical A B or C ending, unlike Mass Effect, which was marketed as such, which turned out to be false.

I agree. Get ready for people hating on Alpha Protocol though. Totally under-rated gem IMO.
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i think some were and some werent. i cant imagine that every decision would somehow affect the ending. that thought is just.... crazy. so the fact that the majority of them affected the journey and the ending was making the biggest decision weve been presented with so far was fine with me.

there are certain decisions that i would have handled much differently though. it seemed like their fallback was war asset numbers if they couldnt do it any other way. i guess its better than nothing, but that isnt saying much in this case.
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XenoSuikoden posted...
They seem meaningless on the surface because none of the decisions seem to impact the main story of the game. If you take a stepback and look at what your decisions had on your ME Universe. That is when your decisions start to look meaningful.


I never really looked at the decisions I made as a means to an end. But rather as what impact they would have on the ME universe.
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