Fun: Gold or Platinum?

#91SRR CapdownPosted 6/17/2013 12:53:08 PM
I like to play both equally, but Gold is more fun.

I like the added challenge Plat brings, and how the game changes because of it. I like playing stupid characters on it and surprising myself at how well I do.

But, as I said, Gold is more fun. It's partly Platinum's fault too, because playing it consistently makes you such a better player, that Gold becomes an absolute walk in the park. I'd rather chill out and spend more time dicking around and not have to worry about the match going sour, playing crap characters and set ups and just generally cruising the game.

It's partly the community too. Even though we aren't really in any danger of actually losing, Plat tends to become much more serious and people get more focused and aren't as willing to piss around; 'slide bagging'/revive cancelling, locking each other in the Reactor, putting up Hex Shields or standing in each others way etc.
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#92SamuraiX HikoPosted 6/18/2013 2:04:45 PM
Platinum. For whatever reason, I ALWAYS get worse randoms while playing gold and it just becomes frustrating. Even playing with a friend or two, we manage to get that oneguy that dies at the bbeginning of each round, doesn't use any gear, and goes to an area no one is near so reviving him is more trouble than its worth.