Some platinum match video ideas:

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User Info: Rophlecktuine

3 years ago#1
1: Four salarian infiltrators using the venom

2: Four Havocs using Havoc strike

3: Four destroyers using power builds

4: Four vorcha hunters using the Executioner Pistol

5: Four melee vorchas

6: Four reegar AIU's

7: Four melee Cabals

8: Four Turian sentinels with only their passives and warp (gun optional)

9: Four Krogan Sentinels using Graal

10: Four Asari Justicars using only the Disciple

11: Four Volus adepts using only biotic orbs

12: Four Collector adepts using Seeker swarms and CSR only.

13: Four talons using melee only

14: Four Batarian guantlet volus (one of each)

Follow the leader:

One female quarian, three males (all quarian weapons)

One warlord, three other krogan (all melee claymores)
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User Info: Rafficus_III

3 years ago#2
Alright children,can you help Cookie Monster find Dorick's favorite number?

I'm just kidding. I kiiiid :D
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User Info: messy_mikey

3 years ago#3
Most of these sound pretty cool, but what's the point of number 6? One Reegar AIU is enough to make a Platinum match a little cheesy, 4 would just be a speedrun minus the rockets.
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User Info: TheSocialBunny

3 years ago#4
Definitely would love to see #14!

In particular, I've always wondered what would happen if 4 Volus punched the same enemy from 4 different angles at the same time.

Wouldn't mind watching a match of 4 N7 Paladins do nothing but shield bash enemies back and fourth like a ping pong ball either.
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