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User Info: YamatoBeats

3 years ago#1
I know I've seen this board top 200k multiple times with many different classes and it just popped into my mind. Solo doesn't count.

I ask because I just hit 265k, carrying two pretty decent randoms through Glacier/Reapers. I probably could've missiled a few times but chose not to. Extraction was pretty fun because I quite literally had just my Phoenix Adept's pinky toe in the circle and got Lone Survivor. It was stressful and I don't think I wanna do that again.
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User Info: terrysmay04

3 years ago#2
Off the top of my head? I want to say about 249k but I can't be totally sure.
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User Info: sheepman23

3 years ago#3
I never remember exact scores, but I'm certain that I've cleared 230K before with the QME or Valkyrie.

On Platinum, I hit 350K in a duo once. That's my highest score to date.

User Info: pointer9378

3 years ago#4
176k. I'm not as awesome as some of others here are, and I've also never had to carry the entire team. There has always been at least 2 competent people on the team, me included, along with two who hardly know what they're doing.
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User Info: SRR Capdown

SRR Capdown
3 years ago#5
I think I've topped 230k with you and Sheep in the game, Yamato. I think it was one of those games that made Sheep decide to play the Drell Assassin.
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User Info: fffez

3 years ago#6
274k. got it with a drell assassin against geth. i personally would rather not do that again since that was not a relaxing game at all, and i would much rather score somewhere to 100k and everyone be doing their part to extract.

User Info: Rafficus_III

3 years ago#7
A little above 250k with my Valkyrie. The randoms scored less than 40k. I ended soloing a few waves and the objectives drug out. Getting over 200k isn't too hard to do anymore.
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User Info: gunhole

3 years ago#8
i know I've hit 215k with a claymore huntress versus reapers with a full team (cause it was recent).

I'm sure I've topped that with my GI but don't recall the details...
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User Info: pointer9378

3 years ago#9
I'm not worthy enough to be in the presence of such great players. :(
The ME3 board's friendly neighborhood Honduran.

User Info: BiggyDX

3 years ago#10
I got up to 220K with the Krogan Sentinel last night. I think it was the highest I ever scored in a Gold game.
Gamertag: Biggy DX
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