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User Info: Deathsaurer

3 years ago#31
Huntress 246k
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User Info: SolidDroid

3 years ago#32
About 235 a couple days ago in a pug with the fury.
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User Info: perfect_general

3 years ago#33
I've topped 180K a few times with the QMI.
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User Info: CorvusXIX

3 years ago#34
gunhole posted...
i know I've hit 215k with a claymore huntress versus reapers with a full team

I hit 207k, my highest in a pug, using a huntress and an indra X and soloed 4 of the later waves, if i was running the claymore, i would have never broken 200k, kudos on being able to do that.
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User Info: nkn1129

3 years ago#35
Playing with the GI + BW on Reactor Hazard/Reapers and I hit 240k, the other PUGS got 50-80k each. Surprisingly, as lopsided as that score was, it was a pretty relaxing game. As a group, they only died 4-5 times during the whole game and they died in places where I could easily go revive them. They even missiled targets, did the pizza delivery and all stood in the hack. I was pleasantly surprised.
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User Info: Jetblackmoon

3 years ago#36
I've broken 200k a handful of times on Gold. I remember doing it with a Vorcha Sentinel and another time with a Female Quarian Infiltrator.

Think highest I've ever scored though was about 260k on Platinum. (Not counting solos.)
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User Info: YamatoBeats

3 years ago#37
Outdid myself just now.


It took forever and it seemed like no one but myself was putting out enough damage. This wasn't too stressful, it just took a long time.
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