Worst Gold PUG I've ever been in.

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3 years ago#1
So my character down, and I'm basically waiting on another PUG to die from Ravager fire or a Banshee warp. We're on Hydra and he's hiding out on top of that ledge. He finally ends wave 9 with his Javelin I, and we move on to wave 10. Just as the round starts, the hosts leave. Immediately followed after that is "Connection failed". No credits, even after I basically carried the game solo.

To sum up how bad the game was, before I got knocked out of the game the score was:

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3 years ago#2
You might have run into the same group I did earlier. I didn't even bother carrying past wave 7 and I had about 130k. I don't even think they broke 30k to be honest.
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3 years ago#3
Obligatory blogfaqs gif:

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3 years ago#4
Not to dismiss how much that sucks, but honestly, if that's your worst Gold pug ever then count yourself lucky. You've basically been winning the lottery compared to me...
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3 years ago#5
I did two Platinum PUG's today... never again.

The first one was Goddess/Cerberus. I was playing the Assassin, and I can't remember any of the other people on the team. I ended with 290K, which is actually a Platinum record for me disregarding a solo and a duo where I got more. The match wasn't so much frustrating since people weren't dying, but I was the only person dealing any damage. Second place had like 90K. >__>

The second one was Vancouver/Geth, and it took 40 ****ing minutes. That one was just plain annoying. Luckily, we extracted from both, but I just hate spending that much time to bag the credits when it could've been done so much more easily with friends.

So yeah, I feel your pain. I hate it when the host leaves, because I almost always get dropped due to my crappy connection. And it just sucks even more when you were the one carrying the entire game...
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3 years ago#6
9k, 13k, wow, they might as well have not even been there, sounds terrible.

Are you guys selective about the lobbies you stay in? Because in my experience bad PUGs are really rare if you're a little patient and back out of bad lobbies, at least on Gold (haven't done much PUGing on platinum). I'd say that a little more than 50% of Gold lobbies are "bad," but it's usually pretty obvious when extraction will be a hassle.

I also used to think it was a dick move to kick players in a lobby with 1 weak link. But honestly now I think it's much more of a dick move for a new player to bring a crap weapon and no consumables to gold, so I kick vote those guys now, and every time I've done this the rest of my team must have been glad, because they quickly kick him too.
3 years ago#7
Hiding out on that one cheat-ledge? Or being a respectable-but-still-bad player?
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3 years ago#8
TimeShinigami posted...
Obligatory blogfaqs gif:


I might start doing this too, but with pictures, and with just bad topics instead of blogfaqs.
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3 years ago#9
SinisterSamurai posted...
Hiding out on that one cheat-ledge? Or being a respectable-but-still-bad player?

I've cursed someone out for doing that before. It's up there in my list of "Things PUGs do that I hate". It gets me riled up and unbelievably mad when I see it.
"Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion."
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