Can someone summarize (((( spoilers)))))

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User Info: Yosheey12345

3 years ago#1
the original mass effect for me in terms of plot? I only bought 2 and 3 so if someone could inform me and update me what's happened before mass effect one that would be great!

for starters I know who's who, I have played it before but didn't really get a chance to finish it , things happened in my life at that point to prevent me from playing it
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User Info: DividerByZero

3 years ago#2
Shepard goes PEWPEW and problems get fixed.
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User Info: Havoc49J

3 years ago#3
Not to be a smart *** but:

There's several written summaries and videos in that link. I'm sure they're all much better than anything someone could type in 5min here.

User Info: Yandizbar

3 years ago#4
Shepard discovers the Reapers are coming.

User Info: CBrate

3 years ago#5
ME2 didn't come with the Genesis interactive comic?
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  3. Can someone summarize (((( spoilers)))))

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