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#1NefhithPosted 11/27/2013 2:39:37 AM
So, I used the drell infiltrator and batarian soldier a LOT in gold, but I'd like to know what other characters are useful on gold (alliance infiltration unit, juggernaut and ghost are too boring for me) or can make it easier. The drell with the black widow kills everything (literally everything) in 5 headshots (got it at 3 and without any amp), and the batarian soldier staggers everything. I tried using the talon and demolisher, but the results were pretty bad. Any suggestions?
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#2TimeShinigamiPosted 11/27/2013 4:29:25 AM
Any kit is useful on any difficulty, but the builds differ. For instance, I wouldn't bring a Havoc melee build into Plat, but it works just fine on Gold.

Here is a favorite of mine, and in fact is my go-to class for outscoring Pug BotBs (because I'm petty, and that amuses me):

Human Infiltrator
4 In Cloak (damage)

6 In Cryo Blast (Radius, Debuff, Armor Weakening)

6 In Sticky Nades (Damage, Armor, Damage)

6 In Passive (Weapon, Power, Weapon)

4 In Fitness (Heal/Shields)

Bring a Claymore (heavy barrel and clip), use AP 3 or 4, adrenaline 2 or 3, shottie amp, and Shock Trooper for Gear. Pretty easy to utilize, follow a Cloak/Cryo/Shoot/Cloak-Cancel/Shoot pattern and wipe the floor with whatever gets in your way. For funzies, cloak, use cryo blast, toss a grenade, and shoot a brute. It will die instantly on Gold. Nades are best used on non moving armored targets and small groups for a bit of crowd control. Alternatively, you cold use incendiary 3 or 4, and the nades will both prime and detonate a Fire Explosion if you physically stick em to a target. I just find that AP ammo works better.
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#3MacDofGlasgowPosted 11/27/2013 4:39:16 AM
I use the Geth Trooper mostly.

High Base shields are good for me, I pour points into Fitness too.
Flamer, I've heard is annoying for the other players - I can't think if I've ever found it annoying.
Fortificiation - I use this because I am not so great. Damage reduction all the way. For Level 5 I take extra power damage over shield recharge

This is my build. I'm not suggesting this is ideal, but I'm not a great player and I can usually be pretty handy on Gold:

I usually camp near the ammo and use flamer as a reload cancel. it also tends to be useful on bosses. I usually take Reach for flamer 4, I'm experimenting to see if I need that range or if I am throwing away some free damage.

I very rarely come first, and when I do it is mostly because the team sucks truth be told. I'm usually 2nd or 3rd and 1st is mostly a decent % of points ahead of me. But I can survive and score a fair chunk of points and do objectives.
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#4TemplariShadowPosted 11/27/2013 5:20:28 AM
Hah, Shin all I needed to see was the 4 in TC and I immediately thought here comes the Claymore for brutal damage.

Nef, what's your playstyle? Engaging at range? Closing it up? Or adaptable?

Most of the Infiltrators are pretty amazing on Gold. I lurve my SI with most sniper rifles. And you can roll either sniper builds or shotgun with most of them. Or really whatever weapon you like but most Infiltrators are geared toward enormous burst DPS coming out of cloak. Shin's already nailed basic Infiltratin'. Take TC to 6 for most kits if you're going sniper rifle instead but the basic pattern is the same. TC/Power(s)/Point Gun at Enemy Face and unload.

Paladin's also pretty pimp. 66644 or 66653. Cryo/Fire/Tech Combos EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIMES. Bring your weapon of choice but bear in mind to keep the cooldown relatively decent so you can fire off powers frequently as that's his bread and butter. Shotgun works I tend to go SMG usually a Hurricane. Kenobi runs a pretty solid Paladin. He loves him some Cryo Assplosions.

Warlord's fun too. 66066. Spec Tech Armor for Damage Reduction and Melee Damage. Biotic Hammer for Damage/Armor/Charges, Power/Power/Weapon in the Passive and full on Health/Regen in Fitness. Friggin tank going hammer on all the things. Bring that Claymore with an Omniblade.

N7 Fury. There's a couple options. If you're feeling ballsy roll no Fitness and pinball the field with AH/Throw Biotic Explosions. Pack a light weapon of choice (again Hurricane for me) with Warp Rounds for even moar damages. I roll with 3 in DC and 5 in Fitness since I's scared of stuffs. Might try the no Fitness again though. Spec AH for Radius/Damage Taken/Drain, Throw for Radius/Combos/Force and Damage, Pow-Pow-Power Wheels in the Passive. DC and Fitness is your preference. Pinball it up though.
#5Nefhith(Topic Creator)Posted 11/27/2013 6:06:12 AM
@TemplariShadow: I don't have any particular playstile. I just adapt to whatever I'm using. For osme reason, I can't trigger dem fire explosions or tech bursts with the paladin properly. I often just end up using energy drain to finish shields and then cryo blast+incinerate everything. I sometimes trigger fire explosions with cryo blast, but it seems to be more random than the ultrarare drop rate.

About the warlord, I'll have to give him some love. I've got a friend that loves using volus, so I'll try to use him in gold (only used him in silver and got horribly killed).

Instead of the hurricane for the fury, would the wraith/talon be a better option? I don't like the hurricane because I have to stand in front of the enemies for too long, and with these I can shoot and immediately leave.

@MacDofGlasgow: I heard the geth trooper is the alpha male of the soldiers, but I never managed to use him very well. I'll try using your build.

@TimeShinigami: I love the claymoar. Gonna use the claymoar.

Did you just say I can do free fire explosions with sticky grenades? Because I heard you can do free fire explosions with sticky grenades. Never used the human infiltrator with a shotgun. Going to try it.
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#6DregnusPosted 11/27/2013 6:42:19 AM
I'm partial to the Turian Sentinel. With both Warp and Overload, he's an asset to either a Tech based team or a Biotic Team. Plus, with his Turian passives he can take a good weapon into battle. I prefer the Lancer, but I've used the Incisor, Mattock, and even the freakin Phaeston to good use with him.

His only weakness is lack of a Dodge, so you have to maintain situational awareness and stay away from anything that can insta-kill you.

Other characters you can do well with on Gold:

Basic Human Engineer: Take a low cooldown pistol and you have an answer for every protection

Basic Human Adept: Been a while since I've played him, but basically you can Singularity -> Shockwave (Explosion) and then Warp -> Singularity Detonates.

Asari Adept: I love this class with the Executioner Pistol. Stasis -> Headshot. Still has fast Warp -> Throw detonations for bosses. Shines against Cerberus

Salarian Engineer: Against Geth, with Energy Drain, he can't be killed. Decoy still distracts Primes and Hunters

Geth Trooper: Hit Y to win. I imagine this would be the same strategy with the Vorcha Sentinel and Vorcha Soldier, but I don't have either of them

Awakened Collector Adept: Amazing with any Collector weapon (I prefer the Sniper Rifle).

Krogan Soldier: Take a Grenade Equipment. Inferno Grenades to prime, Carnage to detonate. Shoot whatever is left with a really big gun (Claymore)

Turian Soldier: With the Revenant, he's a beast. I love it when someone else plays him, as it sounds like he's raining heavy fire on the battlefield.

Turian Havoc: I forgo the Havoc Strike and use him as a weapons platform with free shield restoration (and Cryo Blast)

Asari Valkyrie: Similar to the Fury, but a bit tougher due to Tech Armor. Has no viable long range power though,

Krogan Vanguard: Reegar Cheese. Has lots of shields with Barrier and can instantly recharge them with Biotic Charge

There's still quite a few left, but you get the gist. There are a lot of viable builds on gold. Some can be tuned to annihilate a specific faction, some are well-suited for Unknown/Unknown.
#7TemplariShadowPosted 11/27/2013 6:43:19 AM
Oh right. So. IIRC for the Paladin. Tech Bursts must occur against enemies with Shields remaining so it's gonna do diddly against any other defenses combo wise. And Fire Explosions triggered by Snap Freeze will actually center on the Paladin as opposed to the enemy target so you'd have to be in range of an enemy for it to do anything. And Snap Freeze is still buggy iirc. With Reckoning installed if you take Reach on the level 4 evolution than it also gets the double damage bonus from the level 6 Tech Combo so you should just take Damage & Weakness for level 6. And yes the priming window for Incinerate seems a bit short to me as well. But I can usually get pretty consistent Fire/Cryo/Tech Combos these days when I roll Paladin. Someone better versed in the actual mechanics there can be of more use than I.

You can certainly try a shotty on the Fury. The Hurricane is really to spray on the run or as I- oh right. So you can run up to an enemy to lace it with AF, Throw for a quick BE than back away from the enemy as the BE occurs to clear the AF and then reapproach if it's not dead to reapply AF and another Throw for another BE. Done consistently there are butt tons of staggered enemies and you're really only firing off Hurricane rounds intermittently for Throw's cooldown or when on the move from one enemy group to the next. The Talon on it's own is a great option but mine's at... III or IV so I favor my Hurricane which is at IX. If my Talon were higher I'd use it way more. Again, use whatever gun floats your boat.

And Sticky Grenades take on the element of whatever Ammo Power you have equipped. So between Cryo Blast and Incendiary Ammo you can have some weaker Cryo/Fire Explosions to boost your damage output.
#8zhobanPosted 11/27/2013 7:14:06 AM
Nefhith posted...
Instead of the hurricane for the fury, would the wraith/talon be a better option? I don't like the hurricane because I have to stand in front of the enemies for too long, and with these I can shoot and immediately leave.

Both are great weapons for the Fury. I used the Wraith for a while before switching to my ClayMOAR which is still my second favorite gun on the Fury out of the guns I've used on her.

Batarian Slasher is great on Gold if you no one else is using grenade classes and you know how to Cluster Grenade. Same with Drell Adept though he's a bit flimsier. The vanilla Human Soldier is pretty fun with a Cryo Explosion build. Quarian Male Engineer is pretty awesome if you don't have other grenade users. The Valkyrie is pretty great, she's like a more tanky version of the Fury. Krogan Vanguard is easy mode as I'm sure you already know. The Batarian Brawler is a lot of fun.

Responding to you using the Volus and the Talon. Talon is not tanky at all so you have to use right hand advantage... and hope to hell you don't get shot or that a lone Swarmer doesn't sneak up on you. The Volus is about the same but they get a little bit more survivability due to Shield Boost.
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#9TimeShinigamiPosted 11/27/2013 7:36:42 AM
Nefhith posted...
@TimeShinigami: I love the claymoar. Gonna use the claymoar.

Did you just say I can do free fire explosions with sticky grenades? Because I heard you can do free fire explosions with sticky grenades. Never used the human infiltrator with a shotgun. Going to try it.

You'll love it, I promise. Not as fast as the drell, no as OP as the sexbot, but it fufills a perfect niche to me, and I kill all the things with it.
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#10El_VirusPosted 11/27/2013 9:03:30 AM
Drell adept and the justicar are a lot of fun.

Shaman with fire ammo and shockwave an the baterian sentinel can be fun too and soak up damage.
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