Ok.. Best pack to spend 3 Mil creds on?

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2 years ago#1
I saved up 3 Mil creds. I'm about to buy some packs.. hoping and praying for a Talon or Javelin. The only two URs that I haven't unlocked yet. Or I'd be happy with maxing out my Hurricane VII.

I've been preparing myself all day for disappointment lol. (Ice cream, Doritos, marshmallows and pr0n all ready to go) Starting to think I should save up some more. Maybe get 10 Mil to spend......

But which pack should I settle on? I usually alternate between AP and RP when spending 200-300K.
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2 years ago#2
GT - zhoban; PSN - zhoban
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2 years ago#3
recruit packs yeah
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2 years ago#4
RP, best drop rate.
2 years ago#5
GoldenSWarriors posted...
recruit packs yeah
GT: gethtones
2 years ago#6
I wanna get in on this! The best are Recruit Packs. Glad I could help you out TC with all these previous posters clearly lying to you. Again RPs are the way to go. Finally let me reiterate when I say "Recruit Packs".

In summary: Recruit Packs
GT: SEV 74907
2 years ago#7
Lol. Funny.... Anyway... I decided to stock up on some more creds before I hit the Reserve. I've heard horror stories of ppl spending 3 Mil and not getting a single UR.
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2 years ago#8
A lot of people say to stop buying packs if you don't get a UR in the first 3 or so. I think it holds some truth because if I get a UR early on then I get a bunch after that. Last time I spent 3 million at once I got 17 UR's including one double pack.
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2 years ago#9
Anyone remember the topic where there was a question someone asked and we got three answers in a span of 30 seconds and we just kept answering the same question over and over cause someone got pissed we answered it so many times? We all kept trolling because that guy got pissed by answering the question repeatedly. I was looking for it. I thought it had to do with buying packs. I was gonna post the link here in this topic
GT: SEV 74907
2 years ago#10
Jumbo Equipment Packs. As if there were any other options.
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  3. Ok.. Best pack to spend 3 Mil creds on?

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