What was with the weird dreams? (spoilers)

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So many do not know what symbolism is

I know what symbolism is, but when you have symbolism as deep and pointless as the Da Vinci Code then I won't take you seriously. The fact remains their story is bad and using "artistic vision" is an excuse because they can't handle people calling them out on it

Preach on brother! ME3 SP is filled with terrible BS, and the dreams are part of that BS.
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So many do not know what symbolism is

Symbolism still requires subtlety and there is about as much of that in the dream as there is in a propaganda piece made by George Lucas and Michael Moore.
Poet Eliot had it all wrong....
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Symbolism can be both subtle or not.

anyway... this is da new ending topic! 300 posts? keep alive during E3.

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Preach on brother!

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Symbolism used in writing or other art forms can be successful or unsuccessful. Discussion of this is the basis of literary criticism, and one of the highest cognitive abilities we humans possess. I'd rather be doing this than picking nits off my monkey neighbor in my free time, glad we have evolved.