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1 year ago#1
I'm prob not going to play online and I haven't played the first two. I'm simply asking because I saw a deal for it and it was only $4.
1 year ago#2
You can jump right into ME3 without having played the first two games -- they catch you up on the story and also make you select some options that are pertinent to the previous games. You've got a nice deal there for $4; solid cover shooter with a complex sci-fi storyline and some RPG aspects, plus some bonus multiplayer, if you want to give it a try. I know you said you probably won't play online, but you might get sucked into the multiplayer if you do give it a chance. It's pretty fun, and addictive.
1 year ago#3
Although I do have to say, they almost make the online portion a necessity for some players, because you may require it to achieve the "good" ending in story mode (depending on how your playthrough goes). And considering you haven't played the first two, you won't have access to a lot of the characters from Mass Effect 1 and 2 (these characters aid you throughout Mass Effect 3) -- which will make it even more difficult to achieve the "good" ending. I won't go into too many more details about that, mostly to avoid spoilers for you.

Playing the first two games really does give a much more complete experience for ME3. :\
1 year ago#4
Gotcha, looks like I'll buy it then. Thanks for the good info.
1 year ago#5
I say do not buy just 3. Get the trilogy set instead, since it has all three games.

Even if you get that $4 copy of 3 standalone, do not start it until after downloading the Extended Cut. That free DLC is a necessity.

The whole trilogy is worth playing. All three are really fun, and they have great writing aside from 15 minutes
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1 year ago#6
It's possible to play 3 on it's own. I do not recommend it. It's like skipping to the end of movie, but worse since the default choices are terrible and importing is one of the best parts of the series.
1 year ago#7
Play all three. I bet you can find the first two at game store for similar prices.
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1 year ago#8
If you've got a decent PC the Trilogy (which includes some DLC) is on sale for $10
1 year ago#9
Anyone who even brings up playing ME3 without playing the other two is a bad person. Play the trilogy.
1 year ago#10
Imagine watching alien 3 and never experiencing the first two. Or the Terminator films. Start from 1 please.
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