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Isn't the BW and ME3 conference at PAX going on now? (Archived)
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Any word on the new weapons being in single player as well? (Archived)BraindeadRacr24/6/2012
What makes me a good Vanguard? (Archived)nananabatman34/6/2012
EAware is the hip term now... (Archived)lazycomplife84/6/2012
Make a spock, kirk, or picard me3 ending reaction (Archived)
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Anybody wanna play gold? (Archived)Cthe34Truth24/6/2012
Anyone else here keep thinking of Genesis whenever extended cut DLC mentioned? (Archived)termina_rzident24/6/2012
Did anyone else feel like... *minor spoilers* (Archived)deadpool_legend74/6/2012
Just beat Mass Effect 3.... (Archived)Hunter153414/6/2012
Charging a GPS while cloaked. (Archived)JimDandD64/6/2012
BioWare strongly believes in the teams artistic vision for the end (Archived)SageOfChaos94/6/2012
Krogan Vanguard (Archived)led77734/6/2012
heh @ PAX Panel (Archived)SODIS104/6/2012
Still no commendation packs from the weekend? (Archived)JimDandD94/6/2012
Anyone else feel.. (Archived)EddyRaja44/6/2012
Has the game been spoiled for me?? (SPOILERS) (Archived)Detektive774/6/2012
Anyone know if doing the skill points glitch in ME 2 does screw up importing? (Archived)master_gamr123124/6/2012
What are the chances the DLC will give us the new weapons (Archived)RINGOUT74/6/2012
What would you say are the overarching themes of the series? (Archived)ozbrithian94/6/2012
YES. *Fist pump* (Archived)ROMKratos74/6/2012
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