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My ideal "expanded ending" *SPOILERS* (Archived)GreenCoffee24/6/2012
Can we not have one day of optimism or happiness. (Archived)Painesnewname64/6/2012
"Did not romance anyone before ME2" What does this change? (Archived)orangebomb51624/6/2012
Ending Epilogue DLC (Archived)
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Are the weapons in spectre requisitions that good? (Archived)DEADTERMINATOR974/6/2012
I wish you guys would take a stand on the real issue. (Archived)
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Rannoch: Geth Fighter Squadrons is not showing up on my galaxy map. (Archived)Blooddove54/6/2012
Where was the Crucible being built? (Archived)
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Why in the heck am I getting this ending?(spoilers) (Archived)8436785664/6/2012
Metro hid the nail on the head. (Archived)hhbc194/6/2012
Retake Mass Effect: (Archived)Last Vampire74/6/2012
Who's piloting those Collector fighter ships? (Archived)icanhazthis54/6/2012
Could someone please tell me where Harbinger was in this game? (Archived)
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Who didn't see this coming? (Archived)
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ME3 concept art book missing stuff? (Archived)Doviculos44/6/2012
How to stop earth from being attacked (Archived)
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Possibility of new MP characters (Archived)dupes1634/6/2012
Surely not everyone thought the ending was bad *no spoilers* (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
ultralight materials still bugged? (Archived)KELMORT44/6/2012
Create a New MP character (Archived)
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