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Shep and garrus on the beach (Archived)fallenangel210083/25/2012
After seeing how all the choices played out... (Archived)
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Gun upgrade stats? (Archived)Hockeyking8943/25/2012
Your favorite missions in all 3 games (spoilers) (Archived)Wstonefi103/25/2012
This "aim assist" is just the opposite! (Archived)mvgc383/25/2012
What happens if you don't shoot.... SPOILERS (Archived)HBKMrWM8553/25/2012
question for my fellow Indoc Theory believers... (Archived)DoughboyVT23/25/2012
Is there a way for EVERYONE but Shepard to die in the suicide mission? (Archived)megametroid33/25/2012
Revenant vs. Prothean Particle Beam (Archived)lollazers53/25/2012
Im pretty sure it doesn't but .. (Archived)DDawgX23/25/2012
so every species is..... (Archived)shellcracker18783/25/2012
specialist traynor (Archived)CaitSith999963/25/2012
new theory solves all problems maybe spoilers (Archived)magenight23/25/2012
Anyone else notice (Archived)Fyreboi13/25/2012
The correct way to play multiplayer (Archived)soulcaliber5663/25/2012
A few questions about the end (SPOILERS) (Archived)Johnny big time43/25/2012
Hurt & Heal: Crew. (Archived)
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Missions that you can't go back to and finish (Eden Prime) (Archived)
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Sabatoge the cure or not? Possible spoilers (Archived)
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I have a question concerning one of the endings (spoilers ahead) (Archived)redechidna1643/25/2012
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