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Promoting MP Characters (Archived)Sentana33/25/2012
Retake Mass Effect and Child's Play; An Interesting Article from Gamespot (Archived)Shik_stick93/25/2012
Poll: Most Annoying Cerberus Enemy (Archived)
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If the IT isn't true, why do you never reload your gun? [Spoilers] (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
Salarian Eng: Decoy, 3 or 6? (Archived)TheGlow23/25/2012
About the Ending *no spoilers* (Archived)zean2213/25/2012
Your airing of grievances falls on deaf ears. (Archived)JohnnyMarcone33/25/2012
Sentinal or infiltrator class? (Archived)Philsusername53/25/2012
if you won $20 million lottery, how much would you spend on Spectre Packs? (Archived)
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Do you have to explore every planet for missions like ME2? (Archived)The Steel Phantom43/25/2012
Gaming for Charity... (Archived)AugustApparatus63/25/2012
The Reaper's Perspective, the Ending and the Nature of Infinity *SPOILERS* (Archived)Giant200573/25/2012
Humans or Aliens.....CHOOSE! (Archived)
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Indoc Theory, a little more depth (Archived)Legendary_Musas63/25/2012
Just replayed the ending (spoilers) (Archived)geo_GASman33/25/2012
Adept class (Archived)Philsusername43/25/2012
Salarian build help... (Archived)mattdanielc53/25/2012
Wait a minute...(spoilers) (Archived)fennell9263/25/2012
NG+ or New Game for insanity? (Archived)commanderadama93/25/2012
Green fruits [SPOILERS] (Archived)DarkSymbiote33/25/2012
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