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No Tali? (Archived)CrackahJack53/21/2012
Perfect ending (Archived)
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Im not entitled to a better ending, but thats not going to stop me from asking (Archived)Cobra986063/21/2012
Ending question (not complaining) *spoilers* (Archived)ianmrak23/21/2012
Geth pulse rifle for multiplayer question... (Archived)wuzitduzit63/21/2012
Is it true there making a new ending (Archived)hardyz20043/21/2012
LF Replacement for Falcon (Archived)Vashtrigun042053/21/2012
WTF is with the broken chest system? (Archived)amazingmao93/21/2012
Haha, Wreav is kind of cool (Archived)
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The difference between pure Paragon and pure Renegade is so epic. *spoilers* (Archived)stevensonS8953/21/2012
"Lots of speculation for everyone!" (Archived)Philosopher170153/21/2012
Conduit, Cipher, Crucible, and Catalyst (Archived)
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So the ending is being changed. (Archived)
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Can someone who isn't crazy tell me why the ending sucks? (Archived)BangoSkank73/21/2012
Recommended class/build for geth plasma shotgun (Multi)? (Archived)capgamer23/21/2012
Son, I am disappoint. (Archived)
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Engineer Incinerate MP? (Archived)Merc12323/21/2012
I have an urgent question that needs to be answered!! (Archived)HookedonPhonicx33/21/2012
replay mass effect 2 before starting? (Archived)
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Self entitlement and you (Archived)readyaimfail53/21/2012
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