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Oh my god! I know how the game should of ended! *ending spoilers* (Archived)Zenning93/21/2012
Do you continue to get weapons after they are maxed in mp? (Archived)Fiddlerssoup63/21/2012
I'm debating on if I should get Gold for this game... (Archived)lihlih73/21/2012
Wanting to play ME > ME2 > ME3... (Archived)TaintedEon63/21/2012
So I saved and bought 7 Spectre packs and 1 Premium Veteran Pack, in that order (Archived)
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at what point do i need the 5k ems. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
So I'm still a bit dumbfounded about people getting full refunds... (Archived)
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Master and commander achievment?? (Archived)
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I heard this game has a great ending. (Archived)GoldPhalanx33/21/2012
New non-import saves (Archived)WireFrameKiller73/21/2012
Drell or Asari Vanguard? ANd a build? (Archived)aPHAT83/21/2012
Do Promoted Assets work offline? do they break gamesaves? (Archived)hennethannun23/21/2012
so what just happened? (major ending spoilers) (Archived)PackmanWSU0143/21/2012
what exactly carries over in new game +? also insanity questions (Archived)megametroid23/21/2012
Hope a new ending means more of this great soundtrack! (Archived)ultradude234523/21/2012
So, think South Park will do an episode on the whole ending controversy? (Archived)
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Which ending do I take if... *spoilers* (Archived)Roxas_112423/21/2012
Who wants Blasto the Jellyfish as a squad mate dlc? (Archived)jason983223/21/2012
Should a vanguard use an assault rifle, or shotgun? (Archived)
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Conrad NG+ (Archived)CrazyMammoth73/21/2012
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