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Self entitlement and you (Archived)readyaimfail53/21/2012
A Bioware writer explains (partly) why the ending is so ****ed. (Archived)
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harbinger fight? (spoilers) (Archived)shurio63/21/2012
C/D You know the theory is dead wrong but like to pretend it isn't *Spoilers* (Archived)
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If Bioware said "we'll fix it all, but it won't come out until Holiday 2012" (Archived)
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Really? N7 Crusader? (Archived)headscar91833/21/2012
Ending questions from some one who hasn't played yet ***Spoilers Welcome*** (Archived)NormtheDestroyer23/21/2012
There. You're getting a new DLC ending. (Archived)
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Mass Effect 3 Real Ending (the closure i've been looking for). (Archived)wwarren1983/21/2012
Multiplayer update (Archived)NoOneistheOne63/21/2012
On NG+ still can't get my weapon past Level 7 (Archived)Ruined_Glory43/21/2012
Just noticed something on the crew deck (Archived)jelly3343/21/2012
Expand on ending or change it(spoilers) (Archived)RE_master91633/21/2012
Regardless if you approve or disapprove with the ending... (Archived)
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What I think about the Endings issue... (Archived)disneyanime9143/21/2012
Bioware must be confused... (Archived)CrimsonAngel83/21/2012
Citadel part 2? Should I restart before the last tuchanka mission? (Archived)Mitsurugisan43/21/2012
The only thing they need to change Yes it is about the ending. (Archived)khaos19813/21/2012
The Ending topic to end all ending topics (Archived)Sony_7103/21/2012
Some tips for you MP people. (especially on silver/gold) (Archived)
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