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Garrus is hot. (Archived)
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Anyone else mad about multiplayer affecting readiness rating? (Archived)
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I kissed an asari and I liked it... (Archived)
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Who is Primarch Victus' voice actor? (Archived)Swoopalz53/20/2012
here are the reasons why I thought that the ending was awful. (Archived)ChriSquared22243/20/2012
Price drop already - The ending really is that bad. (Archived)
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You can fire the Arc Pistol while sprinting (Archived)sir_fredington43/20/2012
Aren't Asari balded headed chicks with lumpy skulls/skin? (Archived)ShinChuck63/20/2012
I'm sick and tired of these whiny entitled gamers..... (Archived)ChriSquared22253/20/2012
Missable quest item/upgrades during missions? (Archived)klih0813/20/2012
Controversial Opinion: The Controversial Ending Isn't Controversial (Archived)
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Game loads for ever at attack the reapers facilities on Rannoch (Archived)Blackbleach63/20/2012
Liara romance glitch? (Archived)Webdude0613/20/2012
The armor piercing mods, does it always lower your attack.. (Archived)DarthInvadeHer43/20/2012
waste of topic space please answer (Archived)collarbone53/20/2012
Import question (Archived)molddog53/20/2012
I dunno why... (Archived)Tha_KoRn_KiD13/20/2012
Can the compression in the background be fixed? (Archived)Happy_Robot23/20/2012
Shep could have beat the reapers in ME2 DLC (ME2 Spoilers) (Archived)
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To everyone saying us fans feel entitled and should stop whining.. *no spoilers* (Archived)
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