Different Versions of the Game?

#1TheNintendoerPosted 7/18/2010 10:36:20 AM
I was going to pre-order the game on Play-Asia, but after looking, there appears to be 3 different versions of the game? For starters, they have just the game for both $50 and $60, and I see no difference between the two? They both appear to be the Japanese version, so does anybody know if there is any benefit in the $60 version opposed to the $50 one?

But my main question is the premium box version of the game. Play Asia charges a whopping $120 for the premium box (though Amazon Japan only charges ~$80). Does anybody know what the premium box includes? I assume that both the box and just the game come with the Kamutai Magazine so long as you preorder it, but I don't know?

Thanks for any help.
#2TheNintendoer(Topic Creator)Posted 7/18/2010 11:17:40 AM
On further inspection of the description, it seems that the Producer's Premium Box version contains a case and a soundtrack, I think? If so, I'm not sure it's really worth the extra cost, but I may be reading this wrong. If anybody can translate this better than me (not saying much) I'd appreciate it. Here is the Amazon listing for it:

#3un touchablePosted 7/19/2010 3:12:00 AM
Yeah I noticed the $60 and the $50 ones too, and they were exactly the same, but now it looks the they fixed it.
The $50 version is the asia version.
#4TheNintendoer(Topic Creator)Posted 7/19/2010 9:07:13 AM
Yeah, I figured it was a mistake, but wasn't sure. Guess I'll just stick with the JPN version so I can feel like I have the more expensive version (yes, I'm pathetic like that).

Thank you for contacting Play-Asia.com.

I am very sorry. The one for US$49.90 is the Asian version. We have
corrected it.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Best regards,


And there's that. So now the only question is, what exxactly is in the Premium Box?