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5 years ago#1
just picked up the game , how is the the most difficult setting? i remember playing quantum on the hardest setting and it was not that hard , is this game the same or should i give it a first play through on a lower difficulty.
5 years ago#2
Nah I didn't find it to be too difficult. You only unlock the hardest difficulty (007) by completing the game once on a lower difficulty, and none of the lower difficulties should give you much trouble. I think it was about the same as Quantum of Solace. On 007, there are probably 2-3 parts in the game that can give big trouble.
5 years ago#3
Agent is probably the most realistic and fun of the difficulties. You'll need to beat the game once on one of the settings anyway to unluck 007 difficulty, so start there.

Once you start playing through on 007, expect to die and restart. A lot.
5 years ago#4
I found 007 difficulty to be very hard. I didn't have much trouble beating QoS at the highest difficulty, but this one I did. Mainly what made me mad were some of the BS kills I had. Like getting killed in cover or a few other deaths that weren't so much my fault, but more like buggy kills. Or the fact that many enemies spawn out of thin air, so even if you're in an area that looks clear, stay close to cover in case an enemy spawns, or you will be killed before you can get to cover. But for the most part it just takes patience. Sometimes playing the same part over and over again until you find a strategy that works. And the climatic battle really takes patience, it's enough to make you want to snap the game in half.
5 years ago#5
I'm playing it on 007, halfway through, so far I haven't died much.
Its all about staying in cover, popping in and out..

I know the rak part is gonna give me fits.
5 years ago#6
Just beat it, it wasn't as bad as I remember.
5 years ago#7
There are two spots that I can think of that are EXCRUCIATINGLY difficult, and not in a challenging way, but more of a stupid, cheap, "THIS GAME'S A POS" way. Other than that though, the game isn't too tough.
5 years ago#8
Main difference. Lots of one-shot kills.

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