Bioware got really lazy with Tali's face (spoilers)

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MonicasBack posted...
Could you imagine telling one of your interns to grab a stock photo off of a site, and telling him he has 4 minutes to make it look alien. Could you imagine though?

I cant imagine he spent even 4 minutes on it.
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Do you see that fanart?(not the terrible 4 chan one, he's going to need more than 10 to fix that) All anyone expected was effort. That fanart shows clear effort and everyone loves it. Bioware supposedly has "artists" and yet they can't do something similar for what is likely the most popular LI? Are you kidding? It should've been their job. That fanart was done by someone out of nothing but love for the character. You would think that the Creators of that character would have the same love, if not more, and be able to create something that showcases that.

That's all anyone expected. I have a 97 dollar artbook, a 40 dollar collector's edition guide with a staggering amount of art, and a mini artbook in my 86 dollar N7 collector's edition. Well over 200 dollars spent on one game because I appreciate good and creative art and art direction, which I believe this game has. Then I learn this is the direction they went with one of the most popular characters? Are you kidding, it's outright laziness and completely unacceptable.

They put painstaking detail in extremely small things, you can name anyone of them and that time would've been far better spent on Tali.
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I love Tali and all....

...but the whining here is just glorious.
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What we really should be talking about in this thread:

Tali is incredibly beautiful, and probably the best looking LI in the game now that we've seen her face.

Even if that is a stock photo, that woman is, in every way, gorgeous. Probably perfect even.
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Also, and maybe I'm grasping here, but that fanart could be her in-game representation and the stock photo could be like a live action pic?

They could honestly be of the same person.
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Kitanishi posted...
FrostyZaimok posted...
Bald_Money posted...
Someone from 4chan's /v/ board made a photoshop in 5 minutes that is a lot better, I think. See for yourself:

Maybe he should have spent ten.
Looks horrifyingly bad.

1. It looks like an actual alien with exoskeleton.
2. The arm positioning looks way better than bioware's version.

The arm positioning looks like something else is trying to grope her, the angle is full derp.

It is so bad it's ridiculous and I'm incredibly grateful you're not designing art for things I want to play.
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Ive seen more creativity on Deviantart and random photoshop
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Biodrones never cease to amaze me. I really can't comprehend why anyone would defend this amount of laziness.
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Ummm, Bioware rushed this game. It's not nearly as "pretty" as ME2. Face facts people ... they're gonna get great reviews and tons of money for a crappy game ...

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Unreal. I am deeply saddened now.