... From Ashes shouldn't have been DLC (Spoilers)

#1Helpless_writerPosted 3/7/2012 1:07:55 AM
The Prothean should have been given to you in a similar manner to how Legion was given. They play a integral part of the story, and you spend the game trying to rebuild their weapon and so much more...

Wth EA/Bioware?
#2MaxxKilbridePosted 3/7/2012 1:09:43 AM
I know.

I just played it...

And what the hell?

it's not like Kasumi or something. This is vital stuff.
#3DoomkillaPosted 3/7/2012 1:22:17 AM
It's one sixth of the game's price. You'd think they'd add some depth to it, right?
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#4KitanishiPosted 3/7/2012 2:06:26 AM
Doomkilla posted...
It's one sixth of the game's price. You'd think they'd add some depth to it, right?

Thats not the point. The point is that its a CRUCIAL part of the game being deliberately sold as DLC.

Imagine playing Baldurs Gate and as you go to face Irenicus you get a prompt asking kindly to pay 7$ for "Irenicus face-off" dlc.
#5HitmanzombiePosted 3/7/2012 2:22:09 AM

It seriously should have been included in the full game. Now it's a DLC, most possible scenes have been removed. And I was dissapointed to see almost no one noticed a strange alien is by my side.

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final fantasy600 posted...
Wth EA/Bioware?

#7Trumpeter039Posted 3/7/2012 2:41:52 AM
It's the kind of thing where it was obviously intended to be part of the full game, and then they just cut it out at the last second to make a few extra bucks. Same deal with that Deus Ex mission DLC. Pisses me off when they pull crap like that.
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Mass Effect 3 AKA

#9Total_TotsPosted 3/7/2012 2:59:37 AM
*****Specific spoilers for the From Ashes DLC****

The guy doesn't know anything. They went out of their way with the dialog to show that he has no influence or bearing on the plot whatsoever. He's a warm, useless body. And I paid 10 dollars for a 30 minute mission. Woot.
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#10myztikricePosted 3/7/2012 3:42:47 AM
Yeah, he either says the same pre-recorded line any other party member you picked would say or says 'xxx has changed since my cycle'. Literally how nothing is the same from when he existed. Doesn't contribute to any conversations.
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