Sentinel Vs Infiltrator On Insanity Which Is More Versatile, Practical...Etc?

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4 years ago#1
I've played through Mass Effect 2 on Insanity with an Infiltrator before and one issue I had was the low ammo count of the sniper rifle. Even if I one-shot most enemies with head shots I often found myself spamming Incinerate or swithing to other weapons when I run outta ammo for my sniper rifle.

I'm currently playing as a Sentinel now on Insanity as my final "perfect" save for Mass Effect 3 and thus far been enjoying the fact that I can just spam Reave and Overload with maybe the use of my SMG in between cooldowns and the fact that I got a really beefy shield.

Fast forward to Mass Effect 3, I'm debating which one to go with. I'm been reading that ammo is still a problem for sniper rifles on Insanity and some of the abilities of the Sentinel aren't that great. Has the gameplay for both changed THAT much or relatively the same? I've been playing as an Infiltrator in co-op so probably got the general jist of it but ammo in there is rarely a problem.

Comments and opinions are appreciated,

Thank you
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4 years ago#2
"You must gather your party before venturing forth"
"Go for the eyes Boo! Go for the eyes!"
4 years ago#3
Sentinel is pretty much the last class I'd ever play on Insanity. Tech Armor is dumb now and the class is just boring in general, and I say that as someone whose first and favorite character in ME2 was a Sentinel.

Infiltrator, on the other hand, is still a great class--especially on Insanity.
4 years ago#4
I've always played an Infiltrator, have finished Insanity and have a level 20 one on multiplayer.

They are extraordinary at survivng and dishing out priority damage. With the black widow, ammo isn't a problem.

The concentration weapon mod making scoping in like having an adrenaline rush without the cooldown. However a small tip, with the black widow, it is better to scope in 3 times rather than try to shoot 3 times in one scope.
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4 years ago#5
Widow and Javelin are both better sniper rifles imo. I found Black Widow disappointing given its cost. It's better than anything else early on, just tough to justify spending 250k credits (plus more on upgrading it to V) on something that will become obsolete.
4 years ago#6
Infiltrator with Defense Matrix is significantly better than Sentinel with Warp Ammo.
4 years ago#7
Really both are ridiculously up compared to vanguarda.
4 years ago#8
final78a posted...
Really both are ridiculously up compared to vanguarda.


And a few turret sections sprinkled through out the game, that's pretty much Vanguard gameplay right there.
4 years ago#9
With the right specs, the Sentinel can be made immune to 70% of all damage (by taking fortification as a bonus skill) by focusing on all damage reduction perks, and an mix of power speed increasing perks (like increased loadout points) and other abilities.

You'll be weak offensively, but the fact you're immune to that much damage means you can generally withstand plenty of punishment remaining out of cover and applying weapon and power damage.

Currently able to throw a warp every 4 seconds or so, while sporting a tempest smg, phalanx pistol and an avenger complete with a 200% cooldown bonus. Combined with the small perks you get from Glyph (again, focus on reducing cooldown, increasing shields or increasing power damage, maybe shield recharge speed increases). On easier difficulties, it's hilarous how much you can pretty much stay out of cover and pepper the enemy with bullets to such a degree that the sound of shields dropping becomes a rare occurance. By playing cautiously, you'll be almost impossible to kill.

The argument basically is: If you want to be unbreakable, go Sentinel. They're flexible with their skills and damn difficult to kill.

If you want to be an offensive powerhouse, weak defensively but with the ability to flee under cloak as necessary, go Infiltrator. Very little can withstand a cloaked widow shot to the face.
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4 years ago#10
I take it that soldiers have a pretty difficult time in comparison on insanity. - Tactical Insights. Tactical turn based and tactical/strategy game news/reviews.
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