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Help with gibbed save editor...changing class abilities possible>?

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4 years ago#1
Hey so I am pretty new to Gibs saved editor. I am trying to basically make a custom class. I want to be an adept but have Incinerate and CryoBlast in addition to the normal adept stuff, willing to sacrifice one or two adept spells if necessary to do this.

I thought I was on the right track, I went into the Power Collection in the editor and replaced the abilities I wanted to get rid of with incinerate and cryoblast by changing the name and the class name of the abilities...for example.

I changed:

with the name BioticGrenade

to read:


with the name CryoBlast.

Now I agree this seems all to simple and I probly shoudlnt have assumed it would work...but I am able to add extra squad mate bonus powers by doing this...I have a save where I have both Warp Ammo and Carnage for instance...So I guess my question is...

Is it even possible to edit which abilities your class has? And if so how/what did I do wrong? Thanks a ton in advance!
4 years ago#2
Update...I now have an Adept with the normal Adept Slam, Carnage, Reave, and Warp thats a beast kit.

Would love to still somehow add incinerate and cryoblast but that seems like it may be impossible unless I am missing something. Thanks again in advance hope somebody out there has this figured out cuz I am new to this save editting stuff lol.
4 years ago#3
bump...seems like it may be impossible any1 else ever try this?
4 years ago#4
Can you share how you were able to change class abilities or add abilities to class?
I've changed the Powers (collection) things many time on my vanguard by replacing SFXGameContent.SFXPowerCustomAction_Pull
with SFXGameContent.SFXPowerCustomAction_warp for example and adding a new skill but nothing works
I've also tried editing the coalesced and that still doesnt work
Thanks in advance
4 years ago#5
bump. any update on this? I have also tried to mention posted here, editing the Powers (collection) table and even making sure that the "wheel index" field was appropriate for all powers replaced.

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  3. Help with gibbed save editor...changing class abilities possible>?

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