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3 years ago#1
Am I the only one who calls my characters by normal names and not references to the games? But I'm wondering what do you call your characters?

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3 years ago#2
Pretty much just give them their race (plus gender in Human case) plus class. Go until your name reaches the character limit.

For example, my Adepts...


Nobody sees their name anyway, not going to put any effort into it.
3 years ago#3
Human: My name
Krogan: Bottom Bit**
Asari: Irasi
Batarian: 4 eyes
Turian: Saren
Salarian: Salinator
Geth: Dont have one
Quarian: Gas Mask
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3 years ago#4
Human Vanguard - Manguard
Krogan Battlemaster - Pink Whale
Asari Adept - Sharia
Asari Justicar - Tamara
Salarian Engineer - Tordin
Salarian Infiltrator - Toadface
Geth Infiltrator - Smegion
Turian Soldier - Shooty McGee
Turian Sentinel - Tarrus

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3 years ago#5
Human: Joe Raynor, usually a blue soldier
Krogan: Krolder
Asari: Adari for Adept, Vansari for Vanguard
Batarian: Don't have one yet
Turian: Senturian for my Turian Sentinel.
Salarian: Don't use them yet.
Drell: Adrell for my Adept
Quarian: Nova for my cloaking, headshooting Infiltrator, Nottali for my Engineer.
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3 years ago#6
I started off giving them sensible names, but when it became clear that they weren't visible to anyone but me I just started calling them things like Fluffy, Mr Scruffles, Giggles and various other things.
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3 years ago#7
Krogan: Quado, Nutz
Asari: Azure, JUSTICE (justicar)
Turian: Reach, Flexibility
Drell: Gil, Flashback
Salarian: Lily Pad, MajGenStanley
Batarian: Spyder, 4 Eyes
Quarian: LiVasDeferens
Human vanguard/soldier: Smashley
Human Engineer: Scottie
Human Adept: SpaceWizard
Geth: Flashlight Head, V'ger
3 years ago#8
Asari Adept: Nebula
Drell Adept: Quasar

Turian Soldier: Dakka
Batarian Soldier: Baraka
Krogan Soldier: HULK SMASH!!!

Human Female Engineer: Sanctum
Quarian Engineer: Schism
Salarian Engineer: Sanction
Geth Engineer: System

Human Female Infiltrator: Desmond
Salarian Infiltrator: Connor
Quarian Infiltrator: Altair
Geth Infiltrator: Ezio

Human Female Vanguard: Velanova
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3 years ago#9
i still don't get why you have to give them a name. who gives a **** they are tools...
3 years ago#10
Quarian: Vas Vas Vas (hah, silly ship names xD)
Geth: Syntax Error

The rest I forget, spammy for en engie IIRC.
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