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3 years ago#1
Warning long read ahead

Hello everyone, I just wanted to share a build that I've been having a blast with since I unlocked my Geth Infiltrator. It specializes in powerful hit and run melee tactics. I'm sure plenty of people have tried out a variation or two of this build but for the rest of you that haven't here's the idea.

Tactical Cloak - 5 ranks
Take both the damage and melee evolutions, no need for rank 6

Hunter mode aka Wall Hacks - 6 ranks
Take all the top evolutions. You want to be able to recharge cloak faster and for it to have more omph. As for the last rank it's really a toss up. You can go more damage OR gain more speed and increase your wall hacks field of vision. Personally I prefer Vision,

Networked AI - 6 Ranks
Take all the power evolutions to increase you're cloaks damage and recharge speed. Note that you can skip rank 6 and come back to it later since the damage bonus for your weapons isn't as crucial as other upgrades.

Advanced Hardware - Rank 6
The first two melee evolutions are the most important, the last one is again up to preference. 25% Health/Shields means eating one more hit before dying. And while the damage bonus is pretty big it's not all that necessary once you have everything else set up. Again you can skip rank 6 and come back to it later since this last rank isn't as crucial as other powers

In the end you'll have 6 points left over that I'll leave to your discretion.

As for your weapon I suggest you bring either the Geth Plasma Shotgun or the Graal Spike Thrower. Charging them before cloaking allows you to fire one shot without breaking cloak. This is very helpful for taking out a lone enemy who is ahead of a clustered group

Now on to the strategy

You basically do the following. Turn on Hunter mode, Find a group of baddies, Charge weapon and hit cloak, fire you're charged shot at the strongest enemy and then melt the ones who are grouped up with you're heavy melee.

Remember, this build relies on getting the drop on you're foes and quickly escaping after decimating their numbers. You are not a Vanguard, you don't have sweet invincibility frames so you can't stay out in the open after a melee attack for more then a few seconds. You will however put out much more damage in a single burst and can usually clear out a group of foes in one or two hits.

Abuse cloak as much as possible and try to flank enemies who are trying to flank you're teammates. Focus on taking out foot soldier and leader units, Unshielded enemies will die in one blast while shielded foes will need an extra pulse. And while possible it's not recommended to try to solo big bosses like Atlas or Geth Prime. You definitely want to hit them while their distracted by you're teammates. Phantoms are you're *****

Last notes

This build works well on Gold and is a lot of fun. Do keep in mind that this is a very high risk/high reward kind of build and there are safer builds utilizing sniper rifles and such.

This build is not for everyone and has a high learning curve, knowing when to attack and how to escape is more important then just running in and blasting everyone. Prepare to die a lot when you first take this out for a test drive.

I wish I had a way to record this in action since I understand this might be hard to visualize. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask.
3 years ago#2
+Power damage bonuses don't affect the damage bonus from cloak.

Other than that, I'd been thinking about a melee Gethfiltrator build since killing 2 Phantoms who had cornered me while out of ammo. Good to know it can work.
Proximity Mine seems like it could be useful. Speced for increased radius and enemy vulnerability, fire it at your feet before heavy melee.
3 years ago#3
That's disheartening to hear, I always feared that might be the case.

What would you suggest we change then?
3 years ago#4
I don't think this is viable on Silver
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3 years ago#5
Heh, well I suggest you give it a try friend. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Again I wish I could record a match...
3 years ago#6
zombiefan01 posted...
Heh, well I suggest you give it a try friend. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Again I wish I could record a match...

I was inspired to try this build after someone posted a Youtube video about it in the 360 boards. Such an exhilarating build! So far I've only tried it in Silver, but it definitely works.
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3 years ago#7
I ran something like this on Gold with success tonight.

Build was 6/6/6/0/6:

Cloak - Damage/Melee Damage/Bonus Power
Proxy Mine - Radius/Damage Taken/Damage
Hunter Mode - Recharge Speed/Power Damage/Damage
Advanced Hardware - Melee Damage/Martial Artist/Power Synergy

Use either a pistol or shotgun with the melee bonus.

Order is Cloak->Proxy mine at feet->Heavy melee. Most enemies died in one melee, while phantoms took two. You really have to be quick about things since you die extremely fast, but clearing a room full of enemies solo is hilarious in itself.
3 years ago#8
Just ran a few matches trying out the melee build and.... I am in love with it.
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