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4 years ago#1
When you pick up a new weapon you get three choices. I really didn't see any explanation for these choices. Can someone explain or send me a link where I can read up on this? Thanks in advance.
4 years ago#2
Change Loadout - change your weapon selection.
Continue - ignore equipping the new weapon
Equip - equip the new weapon
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4 years ago#3
yeah what he said... you should have also been playing long enough to try the 3 choices... you find 3 weapons in the first mission on mars... c'mon now...
4 years ago#4
That is where I am at the beginning of the story and I stopped there to find out more before I get too deep into the story. So please do not pre-judge me. I have played these games long enough. Just wanted some clarification since these games no longer come with detail info anymore.
4 years ago#5
This is the first game where they did that. The options were pretty self explanatory in my opinion.
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4 years ago#6
I am happy you picked up on it right away but Change Loadout meant nothing to me until now.
4 years ago#7
the first time i equipped... then the next weapon i saw i saved it and then tried the other options... i can't get over the fact that you stopped playing to find out... and to your "judging" point... fair enough... stopping the game would have never occurred to me... not until i can't keep my eyes open...
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