Not a big fan of the ending *MAJOR SPOILERS ALERT*

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3 years ago#1

I'm just not a big fan of the outcome. Seems like the whole mass effect universe story ended. Epsecially with all the mass relays getting blown up.

Sure i would if liked the quarians and geth to have made peace in my game. But then again i didnt have my ME2 save handy to make that remotly possible. But the ending left me wanting more and left me a little disapointed. I mean, i spent all that time trying to make the geth allies, in favour of loosing the quarians and Tali killing herself. Only for them to Have to be destroyed because of the outcomes.

Too many people died. Like Meranda, Grunt, Taili. Thane was absent for some reason. And Legion was nowhere to be found. Sure again if i had a ME2 save. Which i didnt cos i completed ME2 on the Xbox360 not pc. So overall i felt i was penalized for not competing the last game on PC and missing on the true ending.

The scope was epic though. And ME3 provided some of my best gaming moments. Epsecially with that last space battle. Gorge lucas should be ashamed lol.

Overall i give the game 9/10. But the ending is meh, i would of liked more control over some of the situations like with Tali and the Geth. Watching the fleet get blown up because the game didn't give me the option to avoid that happening sucks.

3 years ago#2
I think the fleet pretty much gets shot to pieces (and uses the same cutscene) no matter what you choices you make in the game.
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3 years ago#3
It may not be any consolation right now, but you can find websites that hoard Mass Effect 2 saves for the PC. Importing from one of them, you can get a "perfect" import - paragon or renegade - for Mass Effect 3. Just gotta know what to do with the downloaded files.
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3 years ago#4

Already aware. And gonna use a ME2 with full paragon and that.

3 years ago#5

Naw, the Migrant Fleet gets saved if you made the right choices in ME2 and 3.

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  3. Not a big fan of the ending *MAJOR SPOILERS ALERT*

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